I Wish There Were a Manual

When talking to my friends recently,  conversation always seems to turn around one big topic: dating (so much about having moved on since high school) and our confusions around it.  Now, we’re all in our twenties or thirties, so this isn’t due to general inexperience.

Quite to the contrary, most of my friends are doing it, yet everyone seems baffled about the non-explicit underlying rules, about definitions, about just about everything.  I have to admit that I’m new to dating myself (so far I either used to go out with people exclusively, or I didn’t go out with them at all) and I don’t really understand it. Talking to friends brought little clarity, but lots of entertaining anecdotes.

I just wish there were a manual.

This blog is meant as an excuse to discuss the topic some more, rant about pitfalls, share stories (“listen and learn”) and just generally a running commentary on starting to date in your mid-twenties.


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