Drawing the Line

Inspired by many stories. I think we might all have been there. At least that’s what I tell myself when I make the same mistakes over and over again.

Do you know when someone asks you out that you think is perfectly nice, but you have no romantic interest in whatsoever? Maybe they are a friend, maybe the friend of a friend, maybe a work colleague. In any case, you like them, you don’t want to hurt their feelings, you wouldn’t mind at all to spend an afternoon with them, so when they ask you whether you’d like to go for coffee sometime you agree.

Maybe you weren’t even sure whether this constitutes a date. Maybe you genuinely thought that this coffee date is about the coffee, and not about the date. But sometime during the conversation about why your mum can’t have cinnamon buns it hits you- he thinks that this is a proper date, and this is why he wants to get to know you (and your mum and your cinnamon buns).

And now there is no real return, because you have already agreed to going out with him. Hell, you’re already on the date with him. Well done. And what’s this? Oh, he’s asking you out for dinner. Great.

If you want to escape unscathed, you now have several options, all depending on your morals, degree of diplomacy and how ruthless you are. As there are several factors, and I’m sort of geeky, I have compiled the options in this handy bubble chart. Size of bubble refers to likelihood of option being taken (as infered from personal experience and girltalk with friends).

I’ve taken all of these routes at various points in my life, and abstain from judgment.

Good luck.



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6 responses to “Drawing the Line

  1. As a challenge, I think you should find (and maybe try out) some options to fill out the sadly unoccupied top-left corner of the graph.

  2. Ciano

    Hey didn’t we have this conversation while we were stuck in traffic on the way to my moving? Somewhere between you going berserk for a few seconds and me skipping a red light.

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