Dealbreakers (Part I)

A while ago I had a post about sucky second dates, and about these little things that immediately make up your mind about never calling someone again. It can be something they say or something they do, and I think these dealbreaker moments deserve their own little category.

When I first met O., everything seemed fine. He was funny, attentive and nice, and we got along just great. We liked the same music, the same food and shared the same sarcastic attitude – all very good signs for an evening out.

However, I soon realised that it wasn’t a long way from dry wit to cutting derogatory remarks about everyone in our immediate surrounding. I watched astoundedly as the good-natured fellow turned into a bitter critic of everything between shoddy waitressing service and bad dress choices on the part of our fellow dinners. This wasn’t funny, light-hearted banter with a  helping of self-deprecation- it was plain nasty.

I think the switch in my head flicked over when the waitress came and brought us another table’s drink order. After O. curtly sent her back he turned around to me and said exasperatedly “I mean, how hard can it be- she’s only a waitress!”.


This is the time to impress me, so please show me your good sides. Don’t be mean.


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