Jealousy is difficult enough to deal with when you are in a committed relationship. It is even more complicated and unpleasant when you have just started dating a person, yet they already feel possessive and insecure  about you.

I’m thinking of my friend S. who went on a blind date with a very promising sounding young man. They went to a Brazilian themed bar, where they had dinner followed by some Salsa dancing. He had proposed this, and she figured it would be sort of a laugh. It turned out to be great fun, and the evening got off to a very good start.

As her date excused himself for a moment after dinner, S. was approached by another man and asked whether she wanted to dance. At first she apologized and refused, but the guy offered to simply show her some steps.  As he brought her back to their table a few minutes later, her date candidly asked S. whether she had had fun. He then proceeded to mention this dance every so often throughout the conversation, even when this required a complete change of topic. He was obviously jealous, which considering this was their first (blind) date, appeared extremely strange to S..

The final straw was probably when another man came to their table and asked whether he could grab a chair. S. smiled at him, and told him to go ahead. Her date just hissed:

“Oh, I guess you’d quite like to dance with him, wouldn’t you?”

Needless to say, she left early, and never went out with him again.



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2 responses to “Jealous?

  1. While it was definitely a bad date, I’d say it’s nevertheless good that she only wasted one night on the guy instead of dating him for a longer period and then slowly discovering what he was like. After all.

    But man, what a weird guy!

  2. V.

    Well the guy was a jerk indeed, but people are too much conditioned by the first impression nonetheless. There are plenty of couples where one or both have to bear the other’s normal weaknesses or flaws, but still they’re together cause things used to be great in the beginning. This guy was just unlucky that the chance to show his dickness came too early, the girl was having fun before and she would’ve probably enjoyed many pleasant dancy nights if the “situation” didn’t happen that time.

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